freejet 330tx direct to garment printers

Compatible with all FreeJet DTG printers and most Epson® based Direct to Garment printers.

Certified DuPont Artistri ink so you know you’re getting the highest quality inks possible. Compatible with all of DTG printers including Freejet. Kit includes one bottle each of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White.

All of our Dupont Inks are water-based pigment inkjet ink designed exclusively for Epson® based printer head Inkjet to garment machines.
Dupont CMYK is designed to print directly on white and light colored 100% cotton fabrics and over Dupont white dtg ink. It can also achieve good results on 50/50 poly blends.
If cured properly inks are very wash-fast. Use a standard heat press with medium pressure and cure printed garments for 120 seconds at 330 degrees Fahrenheit (166 degrees Celsius) if excess humidity is present or if garments are damp, cure for 180 seconds using a silicone coated curing sheets.
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