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neoflex direct to garment printer 2.0

DTG Printing Option

The NeoFlex DTG Printer—shortened to NeoTex—is the perfect machine option for printing full color images in photo realistic quality on nearly any garment. Load up to three adult sized garments at once! The NeoFlex DTG allows the operator to print on 3 average sized light or dark garments with a single pass in full and vibrant color.

The Neoflex DTG inks are the pinnacle of digital textile printing and are able to print on a variety of textiles including 100% cotton, cotton poly blends, and certain types 100% polyester. An average 11”x16” print on light shirts will run approximately 0.25—0.50¢. After the current job is finished, switch between textile, solvent, and edible printing with ease!

NeoFlex Ink System

The NeoFlex 800 comes with 4 different setups that are catered to your business needs: NeoTex with white ink for printing on dark garments, NeoTex with dual CMYK for fast white shirt production, NeoSol solvent printing option, and NeoEdi edible ink option. All inks mentioned are specially formulated for the NeoFlex system. The NeoFlex printhead has a Teflon non-stick coating that has drastically reduced maintenance and nozzle clogging.

Perhaps the most advantageous aspect of the NeoFlex is it’s cost effectiveness. On average, an 11”x16” image will cost about $1.50 per print on dark garments. The same sized image costs about 0.25-0.50¢ per print on light garments. Print designs on 1,000 light T-shirts for only $500 or less!

Continuous Workflow

The NeoFlex dtg printhead moves over the media allowing for continuous workflow, as it’s possible to reload while the machine is printing. For example, as the Neoflex printer completes one item, the operator can remove the finished garment and load a new garment while the NeoFlex continues printing. The NeoFlex dtg will cycle back and forth across the media as many times as instructed.

With other machines on the market, the media usually moves underneath the printer resulting in workflow inefficiencies, as the operator is constantly waiting for the printer to finish a job before reloading. The printer is then forced to sit idle while reloading, wasting more of your valuable production time.

When other suppliers claim their printer can produce “X” shirts per hour, they are basing that estimate off the time it takes for the printer to complete a single job, and then multiplying that figure by 60. This is misleading, as the time it takes to unload and reload garments is not considered. For the first time, the NeoFlex’s continuous workflow allows operators to produce at the machine’s maximum production capability.

One Pass Printing

NeoFlex DTG – 45 shirts under 30 minutes

DTG Champion

Over the past couple of years, The NeoFlex 800 has proven itself to be an award-winning machine. The DTG Battle Royal hosted by has seen NeoFlex owners take home the gold two years running. In 2011 Justin Walker of Fusion Logistic Group won with Mandy Riley of Vintage Tees—also a NeoFlex dtg operator— in second place. Gerald Cantalupo from Breathrough Clothing took first place in 2012 and was also the 2013 ISS National DTG Champion. We congratulate our extended NeoFamily on their successes and look forward to seeing them participate in future competitions.

Future Proof

Don’t fret new updates with the NeoFlex printer, upgrades are easy to install. Rather than purchasing an entirely new machine, the NeoFlex has a removable printer module. Simply unplug the current printer module, slide the bed over, take the printer off and replace it with the latest printer module. The base and bed of the NeoFlex printer remains the same, making updating your machine easier and less costly than purchasing a brand new system. With the NeoFlex users won’t have to worry that their machine will be outdated and expensive to replace.


Printing Method  Direct Inkjet Garment Printer
Max Printable Area  17″ x 42″ (431.8mm X 1066.8mm)
Platen Height Adjust  Semi-Automatic 2.77″ (70.36mm)
Machine Size and Weight  32.4″W x 78.9″L x 47.1H(823mm x 2004.1mm x 1196.3mm)275 lbs (124.7kg)
Ink Type  Water-base Pigment Ink, Mild Solvent Dye Ink, Editable Ink
Ink Color  CMYK + WHITE (Textile Option)8 COLOr CMYK, LC, LM, LK, LLK (Solvent Option)DUAL CMYK (All Printer Options)
Print Engine  Epson Stylus Pro 4880
Print Head Type  Epson 4880 MicroPiezo AMC Print Head – Teflon Coated
Print Head Life (Epson 4880)  45, 000 Impressions
Droplet Size  3.5 Picoliters
Variable Droplet Technology Yes
Number of Print Heads  1 Printhead, 8 Channels (one per color), 180 nozzles per Channel
Max Image Resolution  1440 x 1440 DPI
Print Mode  Uni-directional, Bi-directional
Print Speed 8″ x 10″ Image  0:39 at 360E DPI
Transport System  Precision Drive Screw under PLC Controlled Servo Motor System
Operating System Requirements   Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
Environment   60F (16C) to 80F (26C) Humidity 50 – 75% RH
Interface   USB (USB1.1/2.0)
Power Consumption 90VA (average), 20VA (idling)
Power Supply  AC220V/115V ±10% 50/60Hz ± 1 Hz

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